About Kristin

Kristin Berard offers In Person and Online Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training and Pilates Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table/Cadillac/Tower at Midland Sports Rehab, as well as, Fitness Programming for Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Metabolic Recovery and Pre and Post Natal Nutrition Coaching, along with competition prep and posing for Bikini, Figure, Physique, and Bodybuilding. All of this is done by achieving A Better Body as Prescribed.

I believe that everyone has the right to be happy, healthy and fit for as long we are alive and since we only have one life and one body, I believe we should treat it well for the rest of OUR lifetime. I can help you in person or online get A Better Body and where you want to be. I love working with all different types of people who are looking to get and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Also, I love teaching people how to get that lifestyle where they feel great about themselves and enjoy life by knowing that being healthy and fit can be as easy and fun as you make it.  We will work together to get you A Better Body as Prescribed.”

Let me show you, teach you, and help transform you by reaching your goals and creating a better version on yourself. You deserve a lifetime of health for yourself, your family and friends.

I work with all types of people from:

Currently fit and active clients who want to transform into a better version of themselves and reach a goal they currently have set, by tackling proper weight training technique, customize goal oriented programs and get a handle on their nutrition to obtain consistency with weight loss, fat loss or muscle gain.

Not so fit, older, younger, and first time training/gym clients who are interested in creating a better body, a healthier life, add years to their life, or get into weight training on their own but have no clue where to start. Nutrition for these clients is usually second on the list since getting active seems to be the less stress first task in obtaining and living a healthier lifestyle.

I also focus on Pre/Post Natal programs for women trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant or post pregnancy. Just because your carrying a child or just had a baby doesn’t mean you need to give up on yourself. These are the most important years and sets you and your child up for a lifetime of health.

Lets create program that works with you, even if your still trying on your own as well. Contact me and I can help you determine which one of the programs will be the best fit for you based on your schedule, needs and goals.

“Don’t let your goals just be dreams and Don’t let your excuses be in the way of a healthier, more manageable life.”

My husband Jeff and I own Midland Sports Rehab, where we can also help meet your fitness goals with our specialized Chiropractic Physicians, Acupuncturist,  Physical Therapist, Exercise Specialists or Massage Therapists.