“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” – Thomas Edison

Kristin Berard offers the following programs and education services to children, teens, athletes, adults, pre and post natal women and elderly clients all over the World.

A quick email will help you determine your needs.  Please CONTACT ME about setting up a time to discuss your goals and starting point. After reviewing each potential clients information a zoom session or in-person consultation will be made to review all programs and goals of the client. A $50 consultation fee will be charged prior to setting up an appointment or creating a nutrition or nutrition/workout program.

During all consultations, all personal information along with medical, fitness, nutrition history and personal goals will be reviewed, all programs will be paid for and then following this appointment the completion of the Intake Form will be completed and all program information to get started will be sent out.

*Please note it is not required to set up an in-office consultation, online Zoom consultations can be scheduled online prior to starting a nutrition or nutrition/workout program.

Consultations and Follow Up Visits

My nutrition or nutrition/workout programs are for everyone, simply because all programs are customized to each persons needs, history, goals and abilities. Set up a consultation to learn more about my coaching styles and allow me to learn more about your nutrition and workout history.

Each Nutrition and Nutrition/Workout program is different based on the needs the client wants or willingness to commit to.

Clients can choose to work at their own pace or can commit to a set number of months in advance to reach short and long term goals.

Each individual is different so the amount of session may vary, but individual nutrition programs are determined by the coach and the client and there is no long term commitment.


In-Person or Zoom Consultation to discuss needs, wants, goals and options- $50 first session ONLY

Single Session Follow Up (as needed by client)- $60 per visit following consult

Individualized Nutrition or Nutrition/Workout Programs for Fat Loss, Metabolic Recovery, Pre/Post Natal, and Pre-Competition Prep Coaching Services

If you are an individual looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or understand how to maintain a healthy, active and manageable lifestyle this program is for you. This program is customized for each individual young or old, overweight or thin, tall or short, male or female. My programs are not just limited to one person and can be programmed for each member of your family. No person should have the same program since everyone starts a different place, has a different body type, makes different goals and has done different things through life to get to where they currently are.

Each program includes consulting that is specific to the clients’ needs, goals and health related concerns in which together we will develop, go over and discuss an adjustable and personalized Flexible Dieting nutrition plan as well as a supplementation guide if needed. If the nutrition/workout program is chosen, a 4-12 week weight training program and cardiovascular training program will be included as well.

These monthly programs include check-ins as needed either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and email communication along with weight, measurements and picture updates. These programs are designed for each person individually, based on the clients specific nutritional needs, activity level, capabilities, body fat and body type. Each service will be charged in advance and services will be provided based on client selection. Prices are subject to change.

Programs and Prices

Monthly Nutrition Programming- $60 Sign up Here

Monthly Nutrition and Workout Program- $95 Sign Up Here

  • Support with 48 business hour response
  • All personalized nutrition plans and adjustments based on individual needs, goals and starting points
  • Client will begin program in the type of Phase client needs in order to meet clients end goal and health needs.
  • Metabolic Damage Rescue for Fat Loss Clients and also Reverse Dieting Clients
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Progress Pictures, Weight and Measurements
  • Check In’s based on Client need, either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • First program includes: Nutrition 101 guide, how to get started with Macros and MyFitnessPal tutorial, Food and Meal Prep worksheet for New Clients.
  • If client chooses Nutrition and Workout Program- a 4-12 week workout program will be designed for either In Home or Gym setting equipment. These program will be based on each clients experience, time available, client goal needs and knowledge.  Cardio and HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) Program will also be included as needed.

**Please note all services must be paid in advance and client must complete an in-person or online consultation prior to receiving any nutrition and/or workout programs. Please visit to schedule a consultation or service.