Personal Training

Coaching is an alliance that helps bring out the best in the client and helps the client achieve their personal goals.

Kristin Berard offers personal training services to children, teens, athletes, adults, pre and post natal women and elderly clients at the Midland Sports Rehab facility in Midland Michigan.

She also trains clients on the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table/Cadillac/Tower and Pilates Chair within the Midland Sports Rehab Clinic.

An assessment with Kristin is available to all new clients before beginning any programs or services. During the initial assessment, all personal information along with medical, fitness, nutrition history and personal goals will be reviewed, following the completion of the Intake Form.

A quick email will help you determine your needs. Please contact me about setting up a time to discuss your goals and starting point.

Personal Training, Barbell Training, Sports Specific Training, Prehab/Rehab, Pre/Post Natal Fitness Training, Bodybuilding Contest Prep Personal Training is currently held at my clinic Midland Sports Rehab in Midland, MI. Personal training sessions include one-on-one training, specific to clients’ needs and goals. Each session will be charged in advance. Prices are subject to change.

Pilates Mat, Reformer and Trapeze Table/Cadillac/Tower are offered at Midland Sports Rehab for 60 Minute Sessions. Prices are stated below.

Prices and Programs for Personal Weight Training and Pilates by Kristin at Midland Sports Rehab or you may contact our clinic for additional programs and prices with our other certified trainers.

  • Price per session- Individual $60/hr (cash, CC or check accepted)
  • It is recommended that each client train for 8-12 weeks for best results
  • Clients who commit to more than 2 sessions per month may sign up for an Auto Debit Program and receive 10% off additional sessions over the 2 Full Charge Sessions.
  • All Payments are due upon arrival
  • Nutrition consults and programs can be scheduled, separate from the personal training session, to be more successful at reaching short and long term goals

**Training Sessions can be scheduled online through within Midland Sports Rehab.

Click Here For individualized nutrition and nutrition/workout programs with Kristin

A $50 Office or Zoom Consulting Appointment fee is charged for all appointments scheduled. Payment is due upon check-in within the clinic at the time of Scheduling or online through Schedulicity prior to the Zoom session.

Please note all Coaching includes an online 48 hour business hour response time.